Pikmin 3

We're starting to see several pre-orders options appear for Nintendo's next major release, but if you're yet to get your copy of Pikmin 3 Deluxe locked down, you might want to consider this cute little bundle from the Nintendo Official UK Store.

It'll set you back the full RRP of £49.99, but you can treat yourself to either a physical or digital copy of the game along with a very lovely coffee-to-go cup and a microfibre cloth. We'd happily buy that coffee cup as a standalone product, so when you factor that into the overall price, this doesn't seem like a bad deal.

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If you want to consider some other stores for your Pikmin 3 pre-order, you're very welcome to check out our full round-up of options. We'll be updating that article with more pre-orders from top retailers as and when they appear.

Do these extra additions do enough to tempt you into a purchase? Will you be returning to work in style when the time's right with this glorious coffee cup? Tell us below.