Pikmin Keyring

Club Nintendo rewards, in Europe particularly, aren't updated particularly regularly. When something new arrives, as a result, street parties are held, firework displays are common and gamers are merry.

Well, OK, that doesn't happen, but considering that some of the existing rewards in Europe are DSi kits and old-fashioned Nintendo Points cards, surprise at something new is understandable. And yet, pictured above, we have Pikmin keyrings, which may be the most adorable house key accessories we've ever seen. And even though the actual Pikmin are plastic, we like to think that a blow on a whistle will prompt the little creatures to carry our keys to us. That's how it'll work in our dreams.

In any case, they're nice new rewards, and can be picked up by Club Nintendo Europe members for 1700 stars each.

[source stars.nintendo-europe.com]