Combining a dose of strategy, a slice of simulation, and hopefully a cheesy stuffed crust, Pizza Simulator is now in development for Switch and other platforms, it's been announced.

The game has you taking on the role of a pizza restaurant manager, starting from the bottom with hardly a penny to spend and eventually climbing all the way up to the top. Your goal is to build the largest pizza franchise going, dealing with all of the challenges that presents along the way.

The feature list below tells you how you'll be able to do just that, although we also picked up on a few other things in the new trailer above. For example, it looks like you'll be able to tamper with your competition by throwing stink bombs into their restaurant to drive away customers, which is very naughty indeed.

  • Let’s make some pizza! Choose from more than 50 ingredients and go through trial and error while mixing them to finally find the one perfect recipe that all your clients will love.
  • Get ahead of your competitors. Compete with other players by trying to beat them with your pizza place rating, delivery speed, and prices, all of which are listed on the leaderboards.
  • Make the restaurant reflect your style. Enjoy countless options for customization that will allow you to create a truly one-of-a-kind pizza place.
  • Become a marketing master. In the end, advertising is the key to business success.
  • Handle delivery schedules. Everyone loves hot pizza and hates it when a cold one is delivered. Arrange routes and hire additional couriers to make sure your deliveries will always be on time.
  • Make good use of your management skills. Take care of your finances. Recruit experienced staff and lay off workers that don’t fulfill your expectations.

Pizza Simulator is in development as we speak, being handled by the folks at Gaming Factory S.A. It's currently planned to launch on all consoles in 2021, so we'll keep an eye out for any more news going forward.

Are you intrigued by this one? You only have to mention pizza to get us on board...