Nintendo is reportedly set to hold a "Management Briefing Session" in Tokyo next month, just three days after Mario's 35th anniversary.

The news comes from Astris Advisory Japan's David Gibson, who reveals that Nintendo has shared details on the upcoming meeting to relevant industry folk in Japan. According to Gibson, Nintendo has said that "no new products, services etc." will be discussed during the session.

Unlike the company's regular financial earnings briefings, this session is unusual in that appears to be a one-off. As noted by VGC, it's quite possible that it could be related to some form of internal restructuring or business-centric development.

However, the 16th September date has sparked a renewed interest in a potential Mario anniversary announcement. Earlier this year, it was reported that Nintendo is set to remaster "most of Super Mario's 35-year back catalogue" to celebrate the occasion. With Mario's special date falling just before this meeting, some are starting to believe that the remasters - or perhaps another Mario-related product - could be revealed around that time.

It would definitely make sense, even if it's purely speculation at this point. The announcement of Pikmin 3 Deluxe came just a day before Nintendo was scheduled to release its Q1 earnings report, allowing the company to include the game in the report itself, making its future release schedule look a little more appealing to investors. Perhaps we could be seeing a similar deal here, with a big Mario reveal landing just in time for Nintendo's special meeting?

We'll keep a keen eye on this story as the briefing session nears and will make sure to update you should anything happen. Until then, and as always, let's keep our hopes and expectations in check!

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