Ninjala Season 2

Today sees the launch of Ninjala Season 2, and it's bringing new weapons, new abilities, a new stage and more along for the ride.

The big and immediate change is the addition of 'board' weapons, including Festival Board, Ninja Caliber, Camu Camu Plate, and Home Run Surfer. These boards will introduce brand-new Gum Ninjutsu, abilities, and specials to the game.

The new stage is Shinobi City, a Japanese-themed stage that explores the hometown of Shinobis, complete with hot springs that recover health and increase your Shinobi Gauge. More of this season's updates are detailed below:

Gum Ghost – A Gum Shoot ability that fires a ghost-shaped bullet that can pass through walls and deplete other players’ S-Energy.

Potent Poison – Gum Ninjutsu which releases a devastating poisonous gas, depleting opponents’ health and allowing the chance to score an IPPON if it drops their health to 0.

Overpowering Wave – Home Run Surfer’s Special attack that lets players hang ten and ride the waves as they string together multiple attacks. While on the wave, players will not be affected by Gum Shoots and can quickly recover cooldown time after taking damage.

More details surrounding Season 2 were also discussed in the latest Dev Diary video, including the first tease of the Sonic the Hedgehog collaboration. While confirmed to be starting in this season, we're still waiting to hear more about how Sonic will appear in-game.

Have you been playing Ninjala over the past few weeks? Looking forward to getting stuck in with Season 2? Let us know in the comments.