Image: Square Enix

Update (Fri 21st Aug, 2020 15:10 BST):

Original article (Fri 21st Aug, 2020 06:55 BST): In July, it was discovered Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition wouldn't support offline or local multiplayer due to "development reasons". A few weeks later, the director of the game, Ryoma Araki, further explained how it was a "one or the other" kind of situation and local play, instead of cross-play, would have restricted the experience.

If you're wondering at this point how you'll connect with other players online, according to a translation by Robert Sephazon, it'll be powered by friend codes that change every half hour. This is apparently "necessary" due to the multi-platform design:

Follow-up tweets explain how players will be able to "follow" other caravaners when they join matchmaking together, in order to play again later or permanently add each other as friends. When matchmaking, you can restrict the party to "friends only", and you can also see what friends have been up to or join their own dungeon crawl.

In addition to this, it's recently been revealed that there will be a total of 13 post-game dungeons in the remaster. According to Famitsu (via Siliconera), these dungeons are much harder than the original ones and give players new equipment not available in the main game. There'll be paid (and purely cosmetic) DLC characters and weapon skins made available as well.

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