The original Mario Kart Hot Wheels
Image: Business Wire / Mattel

Last year, Hot Wheels launched a Mario Kart line and it's been an "amazing partnership with Nintendo", according to the toy car company. During a special Comic-Con at home video stream, the Hot Wheels team shared a special sneak peek of what coming later this year.

Hot Wheels' Chris Colangelo explained in full what was on the way in Fall and Spring. First up is Cat Peach and Diddy Kong in the Pipe Kart:

We're introducing a couple of new drivers this year. Here are two of them. First up we have a fan favourite Cat Peach. I love Cat Peach, I know a lot of people love Cat Peach. As you can see her here driving the standard kart. That'll be one new driver that we're doing. Then we're also doing a new driver and a new kart - Diddy Kong. So Diddy Kong has been a favourite character of mine all the way back since the original Donkey Kong Country. Love Diddy Kong, really happy we're able to bring him into the line, he's gonna be driving the pipe frame kart.

Cat Peach and Diddy Kong

Next up is the glider line:

We had such a huge response on the glider itself that we want to kind of incorporate it into our main line, so we're going to have a whole segment just of karts paired with gliders and drivers. So here's a sneak peek of them. The first one is gonna be Toad in the P-Wing kart and he's gonna have the plane glider, and then the second sneak peak that we have for you is Yoshi in the sports coupe with the parafoil glider.

The gliders are removable so the karts still work on all our awesome track sets...And still have that really cool Hot Wheels performance.

Toad and Yoshi Gliders

And last but not least is a special execution for the Yoshi line:

There's a lot of great different Yoshis out there, and we wanted to make a really cool way to deliver all of them to you guys. So what we're gonna do is have a blind execution, there's gonna be a Yoshi egg, each Yoshi egg is going to have one Yoshi in it with the standard kart. The top of the egg actually comes off and you can have Yoshi be displayed in the bottom of the egg.

Eight of those Yoshis will be're not gonna know which one you're getting, every egg will look like the normal Yoshi egg.

Yoshi egg line

What do you think of this next lot of Mario Kart Hot Wheels toys? Will you be adding them to your collection? Tell us below.