GoldenEye 25, a fan-made effort to resurrect the classic N64 shooter from Rare, is to shut down following a cease and desist request from MGM/Danjaq, the rights holder for the James Bond media franchise.

The aim with the Unreal Engine 4 title – which was inspired by the cancelled XBLA HD remake – was to recreate the legendary FPS in time for its 25th birthday in August 2022. The update would enhance the single-player story missions, add modern visuals and even factor in a few gameplay tweaks.


Sadly, all of the hard work has come to an end, but the team isn't totally abandoning the project – the plan now is to do a game which is inspired by GoldenEye but does not use the Bond IP using the engine and assets created so far.

The working title for the game is Project Ianus, and you'll be able to follow its progress here:

It's a shame, but as the team says in its statement, it was always likely to happen when dealing with such a lucrative IP. Were you looking forward to playing this? Let us know with a comment.