Etrian Mystery Dungeon

One of the major downsides to the digital age of gaming is rearing its ugly head again today, as NIS America announces that Etrian Mystery Dungeon will soon be removed from the 3DS eShop in Europe.

The game, which is one of many excellent RPGs on the trusty 3DS, is set to be taken down from the eShop on 30th September. Pages for the game on Nintendo's North American and Australian websites were taken down some time ago, so we're slowly losing access to the digital version of the title all around the world.

You can either go ahead and grab the game from the 3DS eShop now while you have the chance, or you could choose to buy a physical version from NIS America's store for just £7.99. Feel free to read our full review of Etrian Mystery Dungeon if you need to be convinced.

It's always sad to see games simply disappear like this, especially when it happens before its platform of choice has become obsolete. Let us know if you're thinking of getting a copy while you can in the comments.

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