Nt Mini Noir
Image: Analogue

Update: Analogue has revealed that a few more Nt Mini units are going up for pre-order tomorrow:

Original Story [Fri 28th Feb, 2020 16:45 GMT]: Analogue has announced that it is retiring its Nt Mini system after one final production run.

The Nt mini v2 features "a new and perfected NES cartridge slot, updated UI, branding, packaging, and includes a new 8BitDo 2.4g controller for NES in the box," but is, according to its maker, "the same Nt mini you know and love."

Available in limited quantities for $499, the Nt mini Noir comes with a fetching gunmetal finish and features gold plated I/Os and transparent controller ports. In terms of output, it has HDMI, RGB / Component / S-Video / Composite, Analog audio, Microphone input, Famicom expansion port and USB.

When we reviewed the Nt Mini back in 2017, we said:

...if money is simply no object or you feel you absolutely have to own the ultimate means of playing your dusty old NES carts, this is the best option by a country mile

Will you be laying down the cash for this unique system?

[source analogue.co]