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Another nail has seemingly been driven into the Wii U's coffin. According to multiple sources, YouTube no longer supports the system's internet browser. For many users, this was the preferred way to view YouTube videos on the system.

Now, if you attempt to load a video on YouTube within the Wii U browser, you'll be presented with some blank boxes. Here's how one user over on the Wii U subreddit described their own experience:

I was trying to use the YouTube browser to watch some videos today, because as everyone knows the YouTube app on the wii u is terrible. When i tried to go and use it all that showed up is a bunch of grey boxes. Even when i change the user agent it does the same thing.

Wii U Browser
Image: @SmashbrosThe3rd

Of course, the Wii U YouTube application is still up and running - so you can always resort to that if you want to continue watching funny cat videos and don't have access to any other YouTube compatible devices.

Were you still using your Wii U browser to watch YouTube? Or have you moved across to the Switch? Tell us below.