Nintendo Switch Game Voucher

Remember Nintendo Switch game vouchers? Do you still have one left and happen to be located in North America? Well, you better hurry up and use it then. Although Nintendo ended the promotion within this region on July 31st last year, anyone who did buy them then will soon be unable to redeem anything, as they expire after one year.

We had a look, and there are more than 40 games to choose from if you do have any vouchers left. You can select from titles like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Astral Chain, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and even the recently released Paper Mario: The Origami King according to Nintendo's website.

Of course, this offer is still available in other regions like the UK and Australia - provided you have a subscription to Nintendo's online service. Two vouchers will set you back £84.00 and are valid for 12 months (365 days) from the time of purchase.

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