FIFA 21 Cover

EA has released a new trailer for FIFA 21 and also revealed the upcoming series entry's box art, and online reaction has been mixed, to say the least.

The cover features Kylian Mbappé of Paris Saint-Germain. As one of the world's finest players, it's little surprise to see him on the box - multiple times, in fact.

However, the cover (PS4 version below) has come in for criticism. The collection of images shown is presumably designed to evoke the mixed media collage style of the trailer, but for many fans it looks like something cobbled together in Microsoft Paint for a school project back in the mid '90s:

FIFA 21 Box Art

It should be noted that the Switch version (one of EA's 'Legacy' editions which will rinse and repeat the previous entry with only team and kit changes) hasn't been shown specifically. However, it's logical to assume it will follow the pattern of previous generations and feature the same image adapted to the slimmer profile of Switch's boxes.

Here is a sample of some of the sentiments expressed on Twitter:

Taken in isolation, it's easy to make fun of the cover but having three different editions (only available on other platforms, mind) side-by-side arguably provides some design coherency, perhaps? Here's an alternative opinion:

Elsewhere, the FAQ section on the FIFA 21 website reiterates the harsh reality of the upcoming entry for Nintendo Switch owners. Here it is, straight from the horse's mouth:

What will be included in FIFA 21 on Nintendo Switch?

The FIFA 21 Legacy Edition on Nintendo Switch features the latest kits and squad updates for the upcoming season, updated presentation (in-game menus and broadcast overlays), but no new game modes or gameplay innovations.

The box art might be an open goal to poke fun at for players on other platforms, but the fact that the game on Switch will feature "no new game modes or gameplay innovations" is rather sobering for Nintendo-only gamers. And however bad you think it is, in the grand scheme of things FIFA 21's box art isn't anywhere near as bad as these terrible covers, is it?

Here's the new trailer, for the masochists among you who want to see the kind of experience you won't be getting on Switch in October. There's not much gameplay footage, but still. Hmm.

What's your opinion on this cover? Are you a fan or is this yet another reason to skip the Switch entry? Let us know in the usual place. Also, feel free to congratulate us on not using the word 'football' or 'soccer' in this entire post. See, everyone's happy! Oh, hang on...