Super Mario Galaxy

Those of you who positively love moaning about the fact that we cover Brie Larson way too much here at Nintendo Life are going to get a kick out of this story, because the Academy Award-winning actor – famous for her roles in Captain Marvel, 21 Jump Street and Room (as well as her deep love for Animal Crossing) has just launched her own YouTube channel, and in the first video, she talks about how a certain critically-acclaimed Wii title caused something of a bump in one of her past relationships.

Around the 11-minute mark, Larson talks about her love of Nintendo, explaining that the NES was her first console and she was a big fan of Super Mario Bros. and The Little Mermaid.

She then explains that, upon reaching the last boss in Super Mario Galaxy some years later, she was accused by her first boyfriend of taking the game too seriously – so she took the only reasonable option open to her at the time: she threw him out.

She's also of the opinion that Super Mario 3D World "is the greatest achievement in Nintendo's history":

Larson – who is best mates with Doug Bowser, we've heard – plans to do all kinds of cool things on her channel – many of which will be video game (and Nintendo) related, so feel free to subscribe. If you don't feel like it, then rest easy, because you know we'll be reporting on anything she does which is relevant to Nintendo (or even tangentially-related, of course).