Captain Marvel

No matter how famous people become, it's always nice to see how they can still become normal, grounded people when the time is right – like when you're approached by the president of one of your favourite games companies and asked which character you prefer in Luigi's Mansion 3. (That kind of thing happens all the time to us mere mortals, right?)

This story begins when Brie Larson – she of Captain Marvel and Room fame – responded to a Nintendo of America tweet about Luigi's latest adventure on Switch.

Things escalated from there, as Doug Bowser (yes, it is he) locked onto the reply and asked Larson that important question:

Larson – who has also starred in Kong: Skull Island, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and 21 Jump Street and has an Academy Award and Golden Globe to her name – was clearly a little overawed by the encounter, which proves no matter how famous and acclaimed you become, there's still a small part of everyone which is instantly humbled when Nintendo comes knocking.