Rocket League
Image: Psyonix

Following on from Pokémon GO turning four, Rocket League is now five - yes, five - years old. When it was originally rolled out on PC and PS4 in July 2015, the world went absolutely bonkers for this new futuristic hybrid sport, Soccar.

Since then, Psyonix's game has grown each year. The Nintendo Switch version arrived in November 2017 and there's now even full cross-play support - with a pool of 75 million players. Of course, it hasn't been smooth sailing the entire way - there was a massive crate controversy - and one other moment that wasn't so well received was when the company was acquired by Epic Games in 2019.

Here's a message from Psyonix to the game's community:

From all of us at Psyonix, thank you for being a part of this amazing journey. Here's to five more years!

Rocket League Infographic
Image: Psyonix

Have you been on this wild ride over the past five years? Have you even played the game yet? Tell us down below.