Splatoon 2 3rd Anniversary

Believe it or not, Splatoon 2 first launched on Nintendo Switch three years ago today on 21st July, 2017.

It was a super exciting time for Nintendo fans, with a new Zelda, a (kind of) new Mario Kart and a new Splatoon game all launching within the first few months of the Switch going on sale. Naturally, Breath of the Wild took most of the headlines around that time, but Splatoon 2 immediately became - and has remained - a super popular title on Nintendo's hybrid machine.

Still to this day, going by official sales figures, Splatoon 2 remains one of the top ten best-selling Nintendo games on Switch. It has comfortably outsold the original Splatoon - although the success of Switch hardware compared to the Wii U will play a large part in that - and has no doubt helped to convince to Nintendo keep it up with new entries in the future.

The company shared a special art piece today to celebrate the game's third anniversary:

Talking of the original Splatoon, that game also celebrated its fifth anniversary recently. Players celebrated its special day by sharing lots of lovely artwork on social media.

Are you a big Splatoon fan? Have you been enjoying Splatoon 2 on Switch? Remember, there's another new Splatfest coming up!