Bloodstained Curse Of The Moon 2

The updates for Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 just keep on coming. Following on from the introduction of a Boss Rush mode earlier this month, Inti Creates has now rolled out the version 1.3.0 update.

It adds "Legend" style, fixes a display bug and multiple other issues, here's the full rundown:

Ver. 1.3.0 (Released July 30, 2020)

  • “Legend” style added – Enemies respawn from off-screen and one character dying counts as all characters dying in this extremely difficult style. Not recommended for first-time players.
  • Display bug fixed.
  • Various minor bugs fixed.

LEGEND Mode will be automatically available to all players once the game is updated. Choose this mode when beginning gameplay to experience even more fearsome challenges than found in VETERAN Mode.

We've also got a brand new trailer to go with it:

Have you tried out this update yet? What do you think? Leave a comment down below.

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