Lost In Random

During a special EA Originals segment within today's EA Play live stream, Swedish studio Zoink Games - known for titles like Flipping Death and Stick It To The Man - revealed it would be bringing its next game Lost in Random to the Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms at some point in 2021.

Below is a bit about it, along with the official trailer:

Welcome to the world of Random, a dark kingdom where every citizen’s future is determined by the roll of a dice. Will you be defeated by your fate or embrace chaos and learn to make it work in your favor? Embark on a journey with Even and her sidekick Dicey to play the odds and break the curse of Random.

And in case you forgot, like Unravel Two and Zoink's other release Fe (another title part of the EA Originals label), all the profits of Lost in Random will go back to the developer. Here's more about this line of games, courtesy of the official EA website:

There are so many amazing games out there today, with highly creative independent development studios putting talent, technology and innovation into their projects.

We are committed to finding great new games for the EA Originals label that we know players are going to love, and working with the best and boldest independent studios across the world to make sure these games get the scale of audience they deserve, with zero compromise on artistic vision.

We want to empower independent studios to create the games they are passionate about and we believe will delight our players. We want these studios to keep innovating and creating so players get to play more and more amazing games.

Will you be ready to roll next year? Leave a comment down below.

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