Just last week, we heard how WayForward would be open to a remake of the original Shantae on Game Boy Color. How about a 3D adventure, though?

Speaking to US Gamer recently, Matt Bozon - one of the creators of the half-genie hero - said the team had spoken about turning Shantae into a 3D game for years, but obviously it's not yet happened.

We’ve talked for years about taking Shantae into a 3D polygonal world. But that’s never happened. I can’t say if this generation will be “the one,” but it’s something we’ll probably consider again when the time is right.

Considering Shantae recently celebrated her 18th birthday, we would say a 3D outing is long overdue. What do you think - is it about time this iconic character made the leap to the 3D world or should she remain a 2D character? Tell us below.