Star Fox is one of Nintendo's most beloved properties, with acclaimed instalments across many of the company's platforms. However, since the Wii U's Star Fox Zero, the company has gone rather silent on the exploits of Fox McCloud and his team of animal pilots (we haven't heard anything about the rumoured racing game for a while, either).

If you're pining for a new entry in this space-based classic, then Astrodogs might be your best tonic for the time being. Currently in development for both Switch and Steam, developer Dynamic Media Triad has confirmed it will run at 720p, 60fps in handheld mode. It's expected to be released this year.

Here's some PR:

Everything seemed to be in its place across the Galaxy until one day Woofer, a giant corporation providing all sorts of services, went rogue and began attacking planets all over the System.

Enter ASTRODOGS, a crew of freelance bounty hunters and possibly our only hope to defeat Woofer. Play as Kombo, the Shiba Ace Pilot and join the crew in this adventure through the stars to save all of puppydom.

Find out the mysterious reasons behind Woofer's treason as you discover the secrets they definitely don't want you to know!

Fast-paced action

+ Choose between 4 different Special Weapons to deal with enemies!
+ Use your Instinct to slow down time and aim perfectly!
+ Roll like a barrel to deflect bullets back to your enemies!
+ An immersive and exciting original soundtrack to get you ready for action!

A whole Galaxy to discover!

+ Explore beautiful, varied environments as you travel through the Galaxy!
+ Find different routes based on completing side objectives within missions!
+ Game endings and story changes depending on routes!
+ Unlock colors and skins for your ship by playing the game!

Will this one scratch your Star Fox itch, or are you confident that Nintendo will give us another entry in that series on Switch? Let us know by barking a comment below.