For some time now there have been whispers of a Retro Studios-developed racing game in the Star Fox universe. Many reliable sources that have gone on record regarding Star Fox Grand Prix, and everyone’s been expecting an announcement at every subsequent Direct. So far, Nintendo is keeping shtum, but footage from the latest Nintendo Direct has some people doubting its existence.

The latest trailer for the upcoming Starlink: Battle For Atlas update includes glimpses of starship races with Player One controlling an Arwing (skip to 14:30 in the Direct video below to see the above image in motion). A poster on ResetEra is postulating that all those sources have somehow misinterpreted this coming mode as the touted Star Fox racer.

It’s an interesting theory, to be sure, but the mental gymnastics needed to explain away Retro’s involvement don’t stand up to scrutiny. The idea that Retro’s work would somehow get recycled into a cross-platform Ubisoft property is absurd, as is the likelihood that numerous independent sources would have mistakenly jumped to the conclusion that Retro was working on it.

Unless Nintendo drops an incredible bombshell, you’ll have to wait until April to go to the races in your Arwing in any form on Switch. If nothing else, these theories show the dedication – and perhaps desperation – of a Star Fox fanbase starved of quality content. For anybody in that boat who hasn’t tried Starlink yet, we suggest you dive in immediately; prices are low and the game’s excellent on Switch. This weekend there’s even a ‘Free Toys Trial’ enabling you to try out some different Starships for a limited time.

It's hard to deny the sheer quantity of sources that corroborate the rumours - why do you think Nintendo is taking so long to announce this game? Let us know your thoughts.

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