This isn't the first time we've seen fans blend the worlds of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Pokémon, and it sure won't be the last, but you can never have enough PokéCrossing, right?

YouTube channel The Nooksters has shared a new video which reimagines the opening moments of Pokémon Red and Blue, including the all-important first battle against your rival, all inside Animal Crossing: New Horizons. After a flashy opening sequence, we see the player walk around their house and talk to their Mom, head out to the dangerous tall grass, and choose their starter Villager.

The video uses sound effects and customised text boxes to add to the immersion - so you can't recreate this entirely inside the game - but the costumes, the Pallet Town design and Villager choices are all spot on. It's a pretty solid effort all round, and we're sure fans of the original Pokémon games will agree.

Elsewhere, we've also seen a second recreation of Pallet Town, an island inspired by Pokémon Gold and Silver, a recreation of Sinnoh's map, and outfits based on Ash Ketchum. Phew!

What do you think? Not a bad effort, huh?

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