Namco Museum

Earlier this week, we found out Bandai Namco would be releasing the Namcot Collection in the west on 18th June, after a listing was discovered on the Microsoft Store. Locally, it'll be known as the Namco Museum Archives Vol. 1 and Namco Museum Archives Vol. 2.

Perhaps the most exciting news of all, though, is the fact M2 - the company behind the Sega Ages line and many other releases on Switch - is responsible for this collection. It made this information official on its Twitter account, stating how it was in charge of development:

Given M2's excellent track record with various other retro collections in the past, we're now even more excited than we previously were about this collection.

When it does arrive in the west, each volume will contain 11 games (see the full list of games in our previous post). There'll also be save states and various other modern enhancements to make your play sessions easier.

Will you be checking these out? Comment down below.

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