King of Fighters R-2

During today's New Game+ Expo stream, SNK confirmed that it is bringing another Neo Geo Pocket Color title to the Nintendo Switch eShop.

The title in question is King of Fighters R-2, which follows in the footsteps of SNK Gals' Fighters and Samurai Showdown 2, the latter of which was given away as a free bonus with some versions of Samurai Shodown.

Originally released in 1999, King of Fighters R-2 is loosely based on King of Fighters '98 and even allowed players to connect the game with King of Fighters '99 Dream Match on the Sega Dreamcast using a special link cable.

The game will be available for download from the Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop in July. Samurai Shodown 2 will also be getting a stand-alone release as well, and SNK confirmed that more unannounced titles from the console's library will also be coming this summer.