If you can believe it, it's now been around 13-and-a-half years since the Wii first burst into our living rooms, taking the world by storm thanks to its virtual takes on tennis, bowling and the like.

If you were old enough at the time, you'll likely remember the stories that would circulate around the time of the console's launch, mostly consisting of stock issues and headlines about old people being 'addicted' to it - seriously, that was a thing. We wouldn't necessarily expect these types of stories to still be popping up in 2020, but that's exactly what's happened this morning.

Local news outlet Harrogate Informer has shared a charming story on residents at Windsor Court, a care home in nearby town, Wetherby. A domestic assistant at the home, Leown Botten, organised the donation of a Wii console, setting it up for the residents and teaching them how to play. Harrogate Informer says the residents are now "hooked" to Nintendo's machine, taking it turns to enjoy everything it has to offer.

"I have been really enjoying playing our new games," says 85-year-old resident, Brian Green. "I wouldn’t have thought I would have ever be able to play video games, but the Wii is brilliant and so easy to use! I have been loving our tennis and golf matches."

The care home's manager, Paula Mountjoy, has said that the console has brought residents together, helping them to get exercise and have fun.

It's great to hear that the Wii is still being enjoyed to this day. Wii Sports is still a cracker, even now.

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