Um, what? Out of nowhere, Nintendo has released a brand new fitness game on the Switch eShop...and it's free! It's titled Jump Rope Challenge and as you might have guessed, it's about jumping some rope with your Joy-Con to reach a high score.

You can play with one other person and if you're not able to jump, you can instead bend your knees or move your arms to play.

Here's the full rundown from the PR:

By using a pair of Joy-Con controllers and imagining them as the handles of a jump rope, players can virtually jump rope every day. It’s all the fun of jumping, but there’s not a rope in sight! Two household members can jump in and play together to try to reach a high score, with each person holding one Joy-Con. With hopping bunnies as the characters, simple menus and no tutorials to jump through, it’s quick and easy to learn the ropes and get started.

For those who aren’t able to jump, or are worried about disturbing the downstairs neighbors, players can bend their knees or move their arms to play the game without creating any noise.

This title - requiring 78 MB of free space to install - was made by a small group of Nintendo developers while working from home in Japan. One catch is it's available for free as a limited-time release until the end of September.

Have you downloaded this yet? What do you think of it so far? Leave a comment below.