Microids and Eden Games have announced that Gear.Club Unlimited 2 - Tracks Edition, an expanded release of the original Gear.Club Unlimited 2, is launching exclusively on Switch this August.

This new release, which will be receiving its own physical edition, includes all of the content available in the base game as well as a brand new campaign and the legendary Le Mans circuit. Players can enjoy all aspects of the 24-hour real-life event, including the qualifying session, race strategy, and more.

Here's exactly what you'll be getting in the new version:

Gear.Club Unlimited 2 - Tracks Edition Content:

  • All previously released Gear.Club Unlimited 2 content including the following DLCs: Packs Arrows, Checker, Hazard and Wings
  • The DLCs Gear.Club Classics and Ace of the Road
  • A brand new campaign
  • 5 new tracks, including the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit
  • 5 new cars built for motorsport and 13 cars prepared for the «Endurance Championship» campaign
  • A new time attack mode. Challenge the fastest racers in the world and get your name on the leader board! - Every combination track/car will have its very own leader board.
Here are the European and North American box arts

The Tracks Edition is set to launch in North America on 25th August, and slightly later in Europe on the 27th.

Think you might give this one a go? Feel free to read our review of the original release if you'd like to learn more.