Fortnite Season 3 is now live, and as was rumoured, it brings with it a flooded map and a host of other new features.

The western portion of the island is now almost submerged, with the Agency – a focal point in the previous season – has been transformed into a fortress. NPC enemies known as Marauders will also be present, and your base is a floating collection of hastily-constructed buildings. Oh, and water skis will also feature.

If all of this sounds familiar, then you're probably old enough to recall the 1995 box office bomb Waterworld, starring Kevin Costner – the world's biggest movie star at that time. Set in a world where the ice caps have melted and oceans cover the globe, it features oil-loving baddies called Smokers who travel around on jet skis harassing people who live on floating, man-made islands. Costing around $175 million to make – an eye-watering amount in the mid-'90s – Waterworld took $264 million worldwide (of which the cinema chains would retain around half) and was successful on home media, but it never quite shook off the stigma related to its troubled production (Costner nearly drowned during a stunt and a hurricane damaged the set at one point).

Outside of the Hollywood influence, Fortnite's latest season will also include sharks you can ride on and even drivable cars. It would also seem that, as the season progresses, the flood water will recede, opening up more of the map (those cars will obviously be more useful then). Oh, and DC's Aquaman is also coming along for the ride, continuing the comic book theme that has already seen The Avengers and Deadpool come to the game.

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