Fortnite Chapter 2's second season is about to start, and Epic Games has just released two trailers showing what it will all be about.

Dubbed 'Top Secret', this new season is all about tuxedo-wearing spies and supervillains. And naturally, we'll be getting new skins, too; Secret Agent Peely is shown off in the trailer, and new characters – such as the muscle-bound kitty Meowscles, baddy Midas, explosives expert Tntina and the highly-customisable Maya – are also on the way.

Special missions available in the Battle Pass will allow you to pick 'Ghost' or 'Shadow' variants of your selected agent. The Battle Pass trailer also hints at 'limited time operations' which will change the 'fate of the island' forever.

In both trailers released, Marvel's Deadpool is briefly shown – a reminder that a crossover event is planned this season, too.

Downtime has already begun so expect to see the update go live sometime today.