Skater XL
Image: Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch might not be receiving Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+ 2, but there are other skateboarding games coming to the hybrid platform in the near future. Unfortunately, though, they seem to keep getting delayed.

After nailing down a 7th July release date last month, Easy Day Studios has revealed the arrival of Skater XL on console has been postponed until 28th July. This date actually excludes the Switch release - with the developer planning to share a new launch date for this particular version in the coming weeks.

We'll be announcing a new launch date for Nintendo Switch in the coming weeks. We appreciate your patience as we finalize the game. Not to worry-between now and then, we will be showing more new content & features that will be available at launch and continuing to polish the game

This follows on from the delay of SkateBIRD for Switch, at the end of last month. When Skater XL does arrive, you can expect it to be more along the lines of EA's Skate series. In saying this, it is its own kind of experience - with Easy Day Studios describing it as an "evolution" of the skateboarding genre.

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