Reader Recommendations

Quality is more important than quantity in most walks of life, but the sheer quantity of games available for Switch is still a source of wonder for veteran Nintendo fans who remember the slim libraries of consoles past. Back in the Wii days Nintendo Life committed to reviewing every WiiWare game released, but keeping up with every single Switch release was a task that quickly overwhelmed us, despite our best intentions.

It's certainly a fantastic problem to have, although it inevitably means great games slip through the net, and Switch has a trove of hidden gems that--for once--actually warrant that label.

A little while ago we asked you to suggest some games that we'd missed, and as a result we took a look at Wandersong, Anodyne, Songbird Symphony and Never Stop Sneakin'. However, there are still plenty of games available on the Switch eShop that will likely remain hidden unless we stumble on them in an eShop sale - and those can be overwhelming in their own right!

With that in mind, we're asking Nintendo Life readers to send us their thoughts on Switch games they've enjoyed which flew under the radar. We'll read them all and reproduce our favourites in a feature (or perhaps a series of features, depending on your response) showcasing games that we haven't been able to review, but that the Nintendo Life community feels warrant some love and attention.

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There's no prize for having your entry selected, beyond seeing your words highlighted in an article of Switch games, of course. Here are some submission instructions and guidelines if you'd like your recommendation to be considered:

Submission guidelines

  • 100-word limit - Keep it brief! A history of the genre and deep-dive into every mechanic is unnecessary. Concentrate on what the game is about, what sets it apart from other games and why you enjoyed it.
  • One entry per game - Feel free to send your thoughts on multiple games, but there's no need to duplicate.
  • Choose only games that we haven't reviewed on the site - To check if a Nintendo Life review exists, simply type the name of the game into the search box at the very top of the page (look for the magnifying glass icon in the top left corner) and click on the game page that appears. If there's no review, you're good to go!

How to send a recommendation

  • Head to Nintendo Life's Contact page and select the subject "Switch eShop Hidden Gems" from the drop down menu (it's already done for you in the link above). Type your name, email and beautifully-crafted message into the appropriate box, hit send and Bob's your uncle!

Hopefully, with your help, we'll be able to highlight some quality games on the Switch eShop that passed us by for whatever reason. If you've got any questions on the format, feel free to drop them in the comments section below. If you don't feel comfortable writing a recommendation, why not nominate games you'd like to see highlighted below?

We look forward to seeing what games you recommend.