Dr Baby Wario
Image: @Drmarioworld_EN

If there's one thing going for Nintendo's mobile title Dr. Mario World it's got to be the over-the-top character roster. While we were initially impressed with the Mario Kart Tour line-up, it seems like Dr. Mario might finally be outpacing it.

Following on from the introduction of Dr. Dolphin last month, Nintendo's now revealed Dr. Baby Wario:

This baby character was first introduced in the 2006 title Yoshi's Island DS on the Nintendo DS and used a coin magnet to grab extra coins and move large metal items. This is the second time he's ever appeared in a Nintendo game.

Some other characters previously added to Dr. Mario World include a stack of Goombas in a white coat, Nabbit, and Daisy. What do you think of this latest character? Would you like to see Baby Wario added to more Nintendo games in the future? Leave a comment down below.

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