Dr Dolphin Dr Mario

There was a time when we thought Mario Kart 8's Pink Gold Peach was a stretch - surely there could have been a better, unique alternative? - but those days are well and truly behind us thanks to Nintendo's recent mobile offerings.

Nowadays, we find ourselves embracing the frankly ridiculous additions to Nintendo's ever-growing rosters on a regular basis. Both Mario Kart Tour and Dr. Mario World have introduced a number of quirky choices, and the latter - which has already brought us fantastic characters like Dr. Nabbit and a literal stack of Goombas in a white coat - has yet another to enjoy.

Introducing Dr. Dolphin:

Dr. Dolphin, based on the Dolphin characters that originally debuted in Super Mario World, will join the more sensible and predictable Dr. Koopa as a new character on 28th May. As usual, new stages will also be making an appearance, as seen in the image below.

Dr Mario World

Is Dr. Dolphin qualified to be a doctor? How can Dr. Dolphin accurately operate with those flippers? Video game magic, folks!

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