Look how clear and shiny Mario's face is!
Image: via Unreal

Plenty of classic games have found themselves in the hands of modders and hackers over the years, as they try to push anything and everything to the limit or uncover new secrets, but few seem to have been played about with quite as much as Super Mario 64.

The latest fan-made project to catch folks' attention is this fully-functioning PC port of the game released online. The port first appeared on sites like YouTube over the weekend, and unlike your typical PC emulator, it allows the game to run at far higher resolutions than the official release. Ever wanted to see what Super Mario 64 would look like in native 4K or in ultra-widescreen mode? This does the trick.

As noted by VGC, the port has been made possible by fans who reverse-engineered the game’s source code. It also supports third-party software such as ReShade, a tool which can add a number of modern visual effects like ambient occlusion and depth of field effects to games.

Recent mods from others in the community have seen Super Mario 64's world be combined with Banjo-Kazooie and Super Mario Odyssey reimagined in the style of Mario 64.

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