Mario Banjo Mod
Image: Kaze Emanuar

When taking a nostalgic look back at the good old Nintendo 64, it's hard to imagine how things might have been without its adored platforming greats. The likes of Super Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie now form unforgettable childhood memories for many, and while the two might get a little muddled in our ever-ageing minds, we never thought we'd see them combine quite like this.

Modder Kaze Emanuar - who we featured on the site just last month thanks to an intriguing Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine mash-up - is at it again with a brand new project. This time, Mario's taking a trip to Spiral Mountain and beyond for some Jinjo and Jiggy hunting, with various elements of both titles winding up in the same place.

Emanuar says that he intends to port every level from Banjo-Kazooie into this new mod with 12 Jiggy pieces in each world. It's pretty great seeing how the two games have been combined - Mario takes damage just like he does in 64, but Musical Notes restore that health just like Coins, and the Blue Coin ground-pound blocks have made the leap in the form of greyed-out Notes, too.

Each level is expected to take one-to-two weeks to create, so we might end up seeing the final product fairly soon. Make sure to keep an eye on his channel if you're interested in following the project.

Seeing this back in 1998 would have blown our tiny minds.