Summer In Mara

First revealed for the Nintendo Switch in 2018, Summer in Mara will finally be released on Nintendo Switch and PC on 16th June. Publisher and developer Chibig made the news official via Twitter:

In this single-player experience, you'll control Koa - a young girl who must take care of her own island by harvesting crops, planting trees (to get wood), and creating new tools and buildings with different materials. You'll also look after pigs and chicken, and sail your boat to discover new islands and secrets.

Here are some additional details from the Nintendo game page, along with some screenshots:

  • An open ocean with over 20 islands to explore.
  • Customize your own island with buildings, crops and farm animals.
  • Over 25 characters to meet and befriend.
  • More than 300 quests to make Mara a better place.
  • Day and night cycle that have an effect on the world with climatic events

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