Legendary video game designer Suda51 is currently hard at work on the Switch exclusive No More Heroes 3, but what are the chances of some of Grasshopper Manufacture's older titles coming across to Nintendo's hybrid system in the future?

During MomoCon's Twitch livestream, a translator - on behalf of Suda - explained how it wasn't really his company's decision to make, in most cases. For example, Killer7 on Switch is "pretty much" up to Capcom, and a Nintendo version of Killer Is Dead would need to be discussed with Kadokawa Games, as "different parts of the rights" are split up.

One game that apparently has the "most realistic" chance of being released on the Switch is the 1999 adventure visual novel, The Silver Case. Here is the message Suda 51's translator passed on:

But yeah, those are all titles that he would like to see come out on the Switch if possible. I guess right now, possibly the most realistic of those would be The Silver Case.

Later on in the stream, Suda spoke about how he'd been talking with a studio about a potential remake of the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS adventure title, Flower, Sun and Rain.

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