If you love nothing more than poop jokes, fart gags and controversial internet personalities, then boy do we have the game for you today.

Yes, Poopdie, a dungeon crawler developed and published by Bulbware with creative input from YouTube star Pewdiepie, is set to arrive on Switch next month. Originally released as a free title on Android and iOS, the game will land on Switch under the name Poopdie - Chapter One and can be pre-purchased for $5 ahead of its 25th June release.

Here's the official description and a selection of screenshots:

Very, very deep in the Kingdom of Grounds, tiny worm lies hopeless in his pond of tears. He doesn’t know that soon he will give birth to great miracles and his name will never be forgotten.

Dungeon crawler from PewDiePie & Bulbware. Mold and manage your own Troops! Upgrade them with unique skills. Cast ancient spells. Defeat evil Samron and his army of horrid creatures.

If you're interested, we'll leave you with this second trailer which shows off a little more gameplay. Feel free to share your thoughts on the game with us in the comments below.