Later this week, Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition arrives on the Nintendo Switch. According to Monolith Soft president Takahashi Tetsuya, returning players can look forward to "about 20 hours" of new content in the epilogue story Future Connected - although his own most recent playthrough took him about "10 to 12 hours" to complete.

Why did the developer include this new content in the first place, though? In the same Q&A with Famitsu recently Tetsuya explained how there were two reasons:

I’m half-joking here, but there was a lingering feeling of pity towards Melia, but really, there were two reasons. First, it would appeal to existing fans and would continue the story towards the future of Xenoblade, and second, so we could finally show off the shoulder of Bionis, a map that didn’t fit into the main game, but was perfectly suited for this role.

So, there you go! If you'd like to read more of this interview, be sure to check out our full translation. Will you be trying out the Definitive Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles later this week? Tell us below.