Super Rare Games has revealed its latest physical edition release, and this time fans are being treated to none other than Little Inferno from Tomorrow Corporation.

5,000 copies have been printed in total, with pre-orders set to go live on Super Rare Games' website from 7th May. There's a standard edition for £29.99 which comes with a 20-page full-colour manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker and three trading cards, or you can also get a Steelbook version for £44.99.

Little Inferno Pre Order

The whole colour scheme is just gorgeous, isn't it?

As you may well know, Little Inferno originally released on Wii U back in the day before being treated to a new release on Switch in 2017. We rather enjoyed our time with it when playing it for review, and it's nice that the Switch version includes co-op play - a feature not present in the original.

Have you played Little Inferno before? Are you tempted by this physical release? Let us know with a comment below.