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If these newly spotted retail listings are to be believed, we could be just weeks - or even days - away from learning about four new and unannounced Nintendo-published games headed to Switch.

If you were browsing our site yesterday, you'll have seen that a number of potential, unnannounced third-party Switch games were hinted at by new listings on Amazon France. It's exciting enough to see that the likes of Bethesda, Ubisoft and Warner Bros. might have a few Switch games up their sleeves, but these new Nintendo listings are the icing on the cake.

You can see the new listings for yourselves here, here, here, and here. Simply called 'Nintendo Game 1', 'Nintendo Game 2' etc. at the moment, each listing features a placeholder image of a previous Nintendo product and stops short of giving anything else away other than the platform - Nintendo Switch. Each listing also has a placeholder 31st December release date, which is commonly used by retailers for products when an official date hasn't yet been revealed.

Here's what the pages look like at the time of writing. 'Bring Nintendo Game 3 to Switch, you cowards'.

We're pretty sure 'Nintendo Game 3' won't be an Incineroar, don't worry...

Between these Nintendo listings and those third-party ones from yesterday, it certainly seems like something could be about to go down. We wouldn't advise getting your hopes up too much just in case, but we are about to enter what would have been E3 season. And then, of course, we have those reports of several Mario remasters headed our way.

We'll let you mull that thought over in the comments below.

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