Star Fragment Trees Animal Crossing
Image: @soguumm

Unless you're glued to Animal Crossing: New Horizons pretty much 24/7, collecting a decent number of Star Fragments can really take a while. One of the less common crafting materials, Star Fragments can usually only be obtained by wishing on a shooting star, and are used to craft special items such as the Star Wand.

That is, unless you decide to hack the game, of course. As spotted by Animal Crossing World, a new trend has started to appear among Animal Crossing's trading communities online, in which special trees holding items like Star Fragments, Hearts, Cupcakes, and more are being swapped for other rare goodies.

As keen players will know, trees cannot hold items such as this in regular play. Trees in-game can hold a variety of fruit - and even Bells - but definitely not these rare, harder to obtain items.

Animal Crossing World says that 'save editor hacking' is the method being used to make this a reality, and while we'd advise that you don't try this yourself - we've all heard the horror stories of Nintendo banning systems being used to do things that they shouldn't - we must admit that it does make for some lovely looking scenery.

Nintendo has been actively working against hackers in Animal Crossing, actually putting out a patch to combat them before the game had even officially released. At the time, it was warned that players going online with cheats active should expect bans.