Void Bastards

Following on from a classification last month, Blue Manchu's "revolutionary" strategy-shooter Void Bastards has now been officially confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. It's arriving on 7th May. The game is created by the development director of Bioshock and inspired by other titles such as System Shock 2.

The "Bang Tydy" downloadable content for the Humble-published title will also be available for purchase on release. Over on Twitter, the game's developer has also confirmed a physical release is "in the works" and said it's considering adding motion controller support to the Switch version.

Here's a bit about the game and DLC, courtesy of Humble:

Void Bastards has players take control of misfit prisoners of the Void Ark, each with unique traits, as they jump from ship to ship across the Sargasso Nebula scrounging for craftable gear, upgrades, and loot to ensure survival. Players are given a variety of options to make their way across the Nebula, from blowing up and looting everything in their path, sneaking around mutant citizens for key pieces of gear, or simply jettisoning everything into space.

The “Bang Tydy” downloadable content adds a completely new org to Void Bastards along with a dangerous new opponent, a brutal new weapon, three new ships to explore and the chance to gather much-needed heart starters to keep your client alive in the dangerous Sargasso Nebula! Can you figure out how to stop the Tydy bots stealing your oxygen (and picking up the junk you’ve been sent to collect?

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[source gematsu.com]