If you've been following the Mana series ever since Secret of Mana came to the SNES in the early '90s, you might want to prepare yourself for a wonderfully nostalgic trip down memory lane.

YouTube user Benoit Tranchet has created a lovely 2D animation based on the classic RPG, releasing it on the platform just as the series' most recent release - the Trials of Mana remake - arrives on Switch. The aim was to create an old-school 2D cinematic just like the ones you'd find alongside real games of that time, and boy does it deliver.

Tranchet says, "My goal was to create a depiction of the confrontation with the Mana Beast. Since I first played that game in the mid-'90s, I've been a huge fan of everything about it, from the first step you take until that epic conclusion."

Incidentally, if you're feeling in the mood for some Mana gameplay after watching this, we'd certainly recommend picking up the new game on Switch. Here's a snippet of our full review:

Trials of Mana proves itself to be a successful revival of a lost classic, smartly infusing new design and content where necessary while still maintaining the spirit of the original. Multi-threaded storylines, an enjoyable combat system and flexible character progression combine to make this one a fantastic experience from start to finish, even if occasional performance problems hinder the experience somewhat.

[source youtube.com, via gonintendo.com]