Sword Of The Necromancer

Last week, we reported on Sword of the Necromancer, a new Kickstarter campaign for an upcoming dungeon-crawler RPG hoping to launch on Switch. In particular, the game caught our eye thanks to the developer's promise to make use of the Switch's IR camera, something that is rarely seen even within first-party releases.

The game raised over 100% of its initial goal in less than 24 hours. The success meant that several stretch goals could be fully unleashed, with a composition from both Dale North and Emi Evans soon being unlocked, too. All was going swimmingly well, but things took a concerning turn on Monday, 13th April.

On that day, developer Grimorio of Games shared an update with those who had pledged their support to warn them about a potential "troll" backer. "It is our duty to inform all our backers that we received an unusual amount of 8,500€ from a single backer who didn't even choose a reward tier," it said.

"That was (for us) on the night of Saturday, receiving this amount meant that we reached the two stretch goals at once. We have tried to contact this backer, who is not registered on Kickstarter (they pledged as a Guest) without success. We have also have tried to contact Kickstarter regarding this issue but got no response".

Sword Of The Necormancer Artwork
Sword of the Necromancer artwork, taken from the game's Kickstarter page

The developer goes on to explain that it's not unusual to see backers take back large pledges at the last minute in an attempt to ruin a campaign. It warned that it might have to cancel the last stretch goal if the large pledge was removed.

In another update which followed shortly afterwards, the team was proven right, sadly having to tell backers that one of the stretch goals that had seemingly been achieved was now unfunded.

"As expected, our "Troll Backer" withdrew their pledge as soon as we talked about reaching the stretch goals. So we're back to the Colosseum Mode stretch goal."

Thankfully, even with this absurd attempt at harming a game's launch, Sword of the Necromancer still has enough support to make it over its initial finish line. If you're interested in checking it out for yourself, there are still 22 days to go.

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