Super Metroid Forbidden Map
Image: @ArtofNP

Before we had the internet at our fingertips, players had to call up companies and ask for some assistance when they got stuck in a video game. One Nintendo game a lot of people found a little confusing at times was the 1994 title, Super Metroid.

Back in the day of the Nintendo Power hotline, gameplay counselors were using a "forbidden map" to help guide players through Super Metroid. According to Twitter user ArtofNP (also known as Archon 1981 on YouTube), the map was drawn by a Japanese developer, and Nintendo of America couldn't confirm if it was entirely accurate. It turns out it wasn't, either.

As highlighted by Twitter user vervalkon, this particular map features a room that isn't in any version of the final game:

Forbidden Map

This still wasn't enough to stop Nintendo's hotline counselors from sneaking the map into their information binders to help guide players. The map itself is believed to be based on an earlier build of Super Metroid, and while Nintendo may not have approved of it at the time, we're sure many fans would love to hang this on their wall nowadays. If you look closely, you can even see a tiny version of Kraid.

Kraid's location
Image: @ArtofNP

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