One of the best things to come out of the Animal Crossing community over the past year or so is the story of Audrey (or Audie, as she's known in-game), the now 88-year-old grandma who first rose to fame for clocking in a whopping 3,500+ hour playtime on Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

She's become something of an internet star thanks to her story going viral; Audrey soon delivered a new video to present a tour of her 3,500+ hour town, and it would appear that Nintendo itself has even paid tribute to her with a new character in New Horizons on Switch. Now, it's time for her to explore her very own new horizons.

In the video above, Audrey answers some fan questions and unboxes a brand new gift - the new, limited edition New Horizons Switch console. She also boots up the game, finding out that her first villager friends are Katt and Bam.

We hope you enjoy New Horizons, Audie! Here's to your next 3,500 hours!

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