Panzer Dragoon

Update: The update is now live:

Original Story [Sun 29th Mar, 2020 09:05 BST]: Panzer Dragoon: Remake made a surprise landing on the Nintendo Switch earlier this week as a timed-exclusive, and while it doesn't quite match the Sega Saturn original, there's a patch on the way that will hopefully make it a little bit better.

Anyone expecting to hear Saori Kobayashi's additional soundtrack when they booted up the eShop version was no doubt confused when they couldn't locate it. If you haven't already found out why in our review, it's because it's not in the game yet. Here's the official word from the Panzer Dragoon Twitter account, which says it's coming as soon as possible:

The response went one step further – confirming this soundtrack update would also be included on the Limited Run cartridge release. This version will also come with a 'classic' Sega Saturn case, which you can take a look at in our previous post.

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