After a delay in 2019, Mojang locked in a new release date for the upcoming "action-adventure" Minecraft Dungeons. It was meant to launch this month, but instead, will now be appearing on the Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms on 26th May. Here's the official confirmation:

This Minecraft spin-off is inspired by classic dungeon crawlers of yesteryear, where you to team up with three other players (online or via local play) to take down hoards of nasty mobs. At the same time, you must power up your weapons and items, and collect as much treasure as possible.

Classes? Never heard of them! Minecraft Dungeons is all about how you build your character with the gear you aquire. Want to be a hard-hitting wizard-knight-rogue with a top hat? Nothing is stopping you!

Will you be trying out this game when it launches on the Switch next month? Leave a comment below.